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Ladies Drawers

Ladies drawers are typically made of calico, twill and cambric muslin. When riding it is recommended that they be of wool flannel (shown below) which is also suitable for winter wear.  These are shown with a button closure, but they can also be made with ties to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the human form.

Drawers $40.00
Drawers Kit $25.00
Drawers Pattern $15.00

 *price does not include material cost.


Flannel Petticoat

Tucked Petticoat

Corded Petticoat


Flannel Petticoats

Made up of wool there are excellent for the colder weather. You will notice that they are quite short, as they are worn under the corded petticoat and you do not want to run the risk of them peaking out. They can be made with your choice of button or tie closures.

Petticoat $40.00  
Petticoat Kit $25.00
Petticoat Pattern $15.00

*price does not include material cost.

Corded Petticoats

Among the few things we offer as a 'finished garment'.  The corded petticoat, also sometimes referred to as a stick-out petticoat, helps to support your skirts, keep them off your knees, and helps provide the proper sillouette.  This petticoat has a circumference of 88 inches along the bottom hem. 
Finished Corded Petticoat in Bleached or Unbleached Muslin  $95.00
 *price does include material cost.

Tucked Petticoats

This is also offered to you as a 'finished garment'.  The tucked petticoat can be worn separately or in conjuction with multiple petticoats (both corded and uncorded).  It is traditionally worn starched and the multiple tucks help to hold even more starch to provide additional rigidity and hold out your skirts.  It also helps to provide a nice smooth look when worn over a corded petticoat.  It will arrive to you unstarched.
Finished Tucked Petticoat in Bleached or Unbleached Muslin  $45.00
 *price does include material cost.

Sleeve Puffs

The full gigot sleeve is typical of early to mid 1830s dress.  To fill out the sleeve and give that classic silhouette, sleeve puffs are worn around the arms and pinned into the inside of the sleeves.  Though often stuffed with down, I stuff these with lambs wool. 

(I don't charge for the wool stuffing.  I have plenty of fleece laying about.)


Sleeve Puffs $40.00 / Pair
Sleeve Puffs pattern $15.00

*price does not include material cost.

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