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The term gown in the 21st century sense makes one think of the fanciest of fancy dresses.  However, this meaning is actually quite recent.  In the 19th century the term gown referred to any 'dress' whether it be fancy or for everyday wear.  There are many styles and combinations of gown available and we shall show various styles of bodices and sleeve options.  Any combination of these, along with customer's choice of fabric, shall result in a truly unique garment sure to bring years of use and delight to the wearer.  Unique to my manner of production is your involvement.  In order to ensure a truly custom fit, you shall play an integral part in your dress' construction.  So, should anyone ever ask you "did you make this yourself?", you may honestly reply "I did have a hand in making it!".

Newest to our line this year is an evening dress.  Due to the nature of the fit of evening dresses, these will require fittings in person.


Shown below is a gown in a 1830s reproduction cotton fabric with a fan pleated bodice front (similarly pleated in back) and large gigot sleeves that I am calling "mushroom sleeves". 
When ordering gowns please be sure to mention bodice style letter and sleeve style letter. 


Dresses, of Cotton Starting at $180.00
Evening Dresses Contact directly for estimates and quotes.  Labor on dress shown would be $360.
* Note the above prices do not include material cost


Bodice A Bodice B Bodice C

Bodice D

Bodice E



Sleeve A Sleeve B Sleeve C Sleeve D

Sleeve E


  Other Periods

If you have a dress in mind that you don't see listed, please feel free to ask anyway.  I have made gowns for other periods as well.  A few examples are below.  Please contact me for more information in other periods.


   To Contact Me:  customvestments@hotmail.com