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On this page you will find a few ladies garments, that were worn during the Jacksonian period

The image below is a copy of the Hall day cap, that was worn by Mrs. Hall in May of 1832 when she along with her husband and other family members were brutally murdered at their homestead during the first days of the Black Hawk war.  The original cap is on display in Utica Illinois in the LaSalle County Historical Society Museum.  Notice the original cap is made of printed material with a fine pattern.

Made of printed cotton $20.00
Kit of printed cotton


* Note the above price does not include material cost

Day Cap, Plain

This is a very basic day cap.  It is shown in a print, though it can certainly be made in plain white as was also customary.  The frill around the crown has been pleated, but can also be gathered for a slightly different effect.

Day Cap, plain $20.00
Day Cap kit


* Note the above price does not include material cost

Day Cap, Fancy/Dress

This is a very pretty cap.  The parts at the ears are called weepers and they are frilled with white organdy.  Here too, the frill has been pleated but it may also be gathered in for a different effect at the customer's request.

Day Cap, Fancy/Dress $35.00
Day Cap, Fancy/Dress kit


* Note the above price does not include material cost

Wired Day Cap or Morning Cap

This is an extremely pretty cap that frames the face in lace like a heart when starched.  Based upon "Workwoman's Guide" page 124, plate 15, figure 4.

Day Cap, Fancy/Dress - cotton and eyelet

Day Cap, Fancy/Dress - Organdy with hand hammered pinked trim




Day Cap, Fancy/Dress kit $20.00
* Note the above prices does not include material cost





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