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The Market Wallet was the carry all of the day.  It was just a length of linen, tow or even leather with a slit in the center about 10 inches long and both ends of the tube were sewed shut.  In effect you have a tube with a slit in the center to carry items.  The wallet was used from the late 1500's until at least the 1840's. It may have been used longer or earlier but that is the only time frame I can find reference to it.  The Snapsack  was a tube of material that opened on one end and had eyelets on that same end.  A strap was attached to the lower end and a thread was on the other end.  The snapsack was filled through the open end.    The laces were then threaded through the eyelets and the snapsack was closed shut with a tie.  The snapsack parallels the wallet in time frame.

  Market Wallets of linen: $10.00
  Snapsacks of linen: $18.00



The housewife that is pictured below is copied from the Workwoman’s Guide circa 1838.  The author collected patterns for many items in this book for a few years so a date of 1830 for this piece would not be out of the question.  The housewife is made of period printed fabric and lined with cotton and has two pockets at each end for thread winders, buttons and such at the top is a piece of wool broadcloth that is used for pins and needles.  The house wife’s do not come with all the items shown in the picture


Price 15.00 (and this includes the cost of materials)


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