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During the 19th century the vest was the item that men wore under their coat: it had evolved from the 18th century waistcoat. The bottom of the vest was now at about waist length and the front closure ended with a point.  As a rule the vest tended to have between 5 to 8 buttons down the front.  The collar of the vest varied early on in the century.  The standing collar prevailed, but as the century wore on the collar was lowered and made to wrap around the front opening of the vest.  This type of collar was called the  horse collar or shawl collar.  The pockets in the period would have been just welted as far as we know.  The one main difference between the 18th and 19th century styles was the front of the 19th century vest tended to be more colorful.  With the advent of the Industrial Revolution more printed material was available for the lower class people.  Check out our page on buttons for your choices.  Buttons are extra to the price shown below on each garment.

  Vest made of Cotton print or plain: $75.00
  Vest made of Cotton print or plain: $38.00
  Vest made of Woolen material: $75.00
  Vest kit of Woolen material: $38.00
  Vest pattern: $15.00

*price does not include material cost.



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