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 I make front fall and fly front trousers:  pockets and a watch pocket can be added for an extra price.  The buttons can be pewter, horn, brass, shell, thread or wood; again depending on what the customer wants.   We make working class and dress trousers.  Please take note that on all  trousers the buttons are extra so please check out our page on buttons for a price.

  Trouser of linen, cotton or wool: $80.00
  Trouser linen, cotton or wool kit: $35.00
  Cossack dress Trouser  1820's:   $95.00
  Cossack Trousers kit:    $45.00
  Trouser (either style) pattern:   $15.00

*price does not include material cost.



   To Contact Me:  customvestments@hotmail.com