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Men's Clothing - Shirts and Neckwear

My shirts are made based upon original examples seen in museums.  They are sewn throughout by machine on the inside, and topstitched by hand on the outside.  The shirt closes at the neck and wrist with thread buttons or shell buttons , which I make myself.  We can make shirts of linen, cotton and osnaburg.

The 19th Century shirts are cut a little different in that they have a placket on the front and the collar can be made to detach.  If you prefer a dress shirt of the period we can pleat the front by hand.  The front placketed shirt  without the bib insert would have been worn for everyday use.  The common man which was 80% of the early United States population would have worn this style of garment during his working day. 

For the 19th century person we also make bibs.  A bib was a false front that ties around your neck and body.  The bib looks like a dress shirt but since you wear it under your coat no one would know the difference.

  1820's-1830's Dress shirt:     $95.00
  The same in kit form:   $35.00
  Shirt pattern: $15.00
  Linen or Cotton collars: $10.00
  Bib fronts: $20.00

*price does not include material cost.


The next item a person should have is a stock or a neck wrap.  We make the stock in black linen and white linen.  Both types of stocks are made with four or five pleats.  The stocks are set up for ties in the back or can be made for stock buckles; I just need to know which one the customer wants.  The neck wrap is just that: a length of material wrapped around the neck in place of a stock.

In the 19th century men would have worn a cravat or a stock.  During the 19th century the cravat or stock could be white, black, colored, striped, even dotted.  The stock is in essence a 19th century version of a modern clip-on tie.  The bow was already tied and the stock buttoned or buckled in the back.  For the gentleman during the 19th century there were 31 different ways to tie a cravat.

  Black and white stocks:  $12.00
  Plain or patterned stocks:  $12.00
  Black linen neck wrap :    $  8.00
  Plain or patterned cravats: $  8.00
  Black velvet stocks:    $15.00

*price does not include material cost



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