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Here you see a pelerine (a woman's short cape sometimes with points or tippets in front).  There are many styles and variations but all cover the very wide shoulders of the dress and could aid in modesty.  As the size of the gigot sleeve grew the pelerine likewise became wider to cover the increasing shoulder line.  This, coincidentally, made the waist of the 1830s seem smaller in comparison.
The pelerine below is shown in white cotton organdy and is heavily starched.  Pelerines could also be made in patterned cotton fabrics to match the gown.
Pelerine $45.00
Pelerine Pattern $15.00

 *price does not include material cost.



Dress Ruffled Cuffs

The cuffs shown are separate from the dress so that one may work in the dress, and add the cuff for more formal occasions.  The frill can be made of net, lace, or cotton organdy (shown below).  These are a quick and simple way to dress up an otherwise plain dress. (Note: see picture above for cuffs as well as pelerine).


Ruffled Cuff $25.00 / Pair

*price does not include material cost.


Tidy Cuffs

Though many people have seen me in these have asked "Are those vambraces you are wearing?" I can say with confidence "nay,. they are tidy cuffs".  They are basically little aprons for your arms.  They are worn so that you do not damage the lower part of your dress while you are working (such as in the kitchen, drawing, working with inks, etc.).


Tidy Cuffs $50.00 / Pair
*price does not include material cost.  
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