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March 10, 2012
Timelessly Tailored Ladies Wear

Illinois, March 10, 2012 (INS) Timeless tailoring opens with a line of fine ladies wear, from suits to dresses to everything in between (and a few things underneath)


Timeless Tailoring has the long standing belief that clothing is the primary instrument in creating a positive first impression.
It is well known that clothing can increase your perceived status among your peers.
Dressing sharp helps with your confidence
The requirements of dressing sharp teaches responsibility


We at Timeless Tailoring have always believed that looking good never goes out of style.

The Modiste

By: Su Miller

Though I believe everyone has heard the term tailor, I would hazard a guess that there are few people today that have heard the term ‘modiste’.  A modiste is someone who constructs fashionable clothing and accessories, specifically women’s wear. There is a tendency to follow the French fashions (as one can gather, it’s a French term). 

The Modiste (dressmaker) constructs women’s wear in similar fashion to the gentleman tailor.  However, because of the nature of a woman’s curves, it will often take 3-5 fittings on some garments to ensure the proper fit and best look. 

 So little thought is given by ladies today when choosing the color of their clothes.  You may have a ‘favorite’ color, but does it truly suit you?  Here are some views on color selection from 1934:

Black whitens the skin, but is not suitable to a swathy complexion.

Brunettes should wear glossy black, and blondes dull black.

White is most becoming to a fresh skin and rosy face, but not to a pale complexion.

Creamy white is more suitable to a complexion that is not fresh.

Rose red cannot be put in contrast with the rosiest complexions without causing them to lose some of their freshness. That and maroon and light crimson make the complexion look more or less green.

Neutral greens are favorable to all fair complexions which are deficient in rose color because they impart a red effect.

Blue is for fair complexions and all people with blue eyes; as it imparts orange it will not suit brunettes who already have too much orange.

Orange makes fair complexions blue, whitens those with orange tint, and gives a green hue to those with a yellow tinge.

Brown is most suitable to those who have a good complexion and auburn hair.

Types with brown or chestnut hair, hazel eyes, and pale skins, may wear cream, pale yellow, old gold, blue (both light and dark), olive green, purple, prune, pink.

Types with auburn or red hair, with blue eyes and rosy cheeks, may wear cream, white, black, pale amber, pale yellow, stone grey, dark green, pale green, and brown.

Types with very fair hair and bright color may wear pale blue, white, black, brown, dark blue, pale grey.

Very dark types with blue or black eyes and pale skin may wear yellow, pink, grey, black, blue (light or dark), red (light or dark), or white.

I bet you had no idea, right? 

If a woman is leaning toward a color or hue that would be outwardly garish, the modiste would be doing her a disservice by not helping her find a more flattering choice.  Any woman who is dressed inappropriately or in ill-fitting, badly made clothes loses a great part of her charm.  Well-fitting, well-made garments of inexpensive materials appropriate for the occasion or the need look far better than ill-fitting, poorly made garments of better fabrics. 


Timeless Tailoring's Modiste seeks to Revolutionize Fashion by Taking a Step Backwards

The good old days, where people took the time to not only do it right, but to get it right the first time.  The time when things were built to last.

It's those sort of memories that we seek to shake the dust off of, and bring back into the world of today.

In making your garments, your basic measurements will be taken, and you will be able to peruse our design line.  You need not feel limited by a particular sketch.  If, for instance, you like the skirt styling of one dress, but the bodice and sleeve of another, it may be possible to combine the two.  The result would be a garment that is uniquely your own. 




Garment construction will continue along in similar fashion to the tailor.  A fitting muslin will be made for the bodice (or, if it is lined, the lining is used as the fitting garment).  We will then meet again so that I can make any basic adjustments at that time, as well as note the placement of any closures (buttons, zippers, hooks, snaps, etc).  From here I can return home and begin construction on your garment.  It is difficult to say where we go from here because it all depends upon the complexity of the garment chosen (a simple skirt or pair of trousers will take far less time than a suit, or even some dresses if there is a great deal of draping or ornamentation involved). 

 Overall, we charge for the labor involved in construction (in addition to the cost of the materials).  Hereto, with women’s clothes, we do have the ability to make a ‘standard’ size.  The only thing that would be somewhat custom would be length (sleeve, skirt or trouser).  So if you wanted a standard size 6, we can accommodate that. 


Looking for something for the ladies? 

Be sure to visit the Modiste pages.  COMING SOON!!

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