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Timeless Tailoring Gazette   

March 10, 2012

Timeless Tailoring Takes A Revolutionary Approach to Make Sure Their Customers Are Satisfied in Both Quality and Price

Illinois, March 10, 2012 (INS)

In an effort to ensure total customer satisfaction while delivering quality at an affordable price, Timeless Tailoring offers their customers a couple of options to choose from.

The fist option ensures a quality tailored fit to your suit known as a bespoke tailored suit. This option will fit the gentleman in a truly tailored fashion but is a bit more expensive then the "off the peg" option. To make a bespoke tailored suit, we will need to meet in person.

We will help you pick out the fabric from our suppliers, then guide you in choices of suit. We will then take your measurements. Upon arriving home we will lay out and cut the pattern with the proper inlays, make the canvas, baste the suit up and get back with you, our client, for the 1st fitting. Adjustments will be made at that point and the suit will taken back ripped apart and we will start sewing it together.

Once the sleeves are set, the lining and the collar stiffener added we will meet for a 2nd fitting. We will again make any adjustments that need to be made.

After that the suit will be taken back with the coat, vest, and the trousers. Any remaining adjustments that were noted will be done at that time. Everything will be finished except the hem on the trousers which needs to be finished on the customer.

The last time we meet the customer will try on the suit and we will hem the trousers press them and give you your finished suit.

With all of the labor involved, and knowing that we are a VERY small operation, the turn around time on a bespoke suit can be 8-12 weeks.  But believe us, it WILL be worth the wait.



The Timeless Tailoring Bespoke Suit

By: Josef Kleffman

Some points to note on our bespoke tailored suits:
There are sufficient inlays to allow for adjustments on the main seam of the coat and sleeves.
Our linings are felled by hand to the coat body.
The front edge and vent are hand stitched.
The top collar is hand stitched in to the body and hand stitched to the facing collar.

The sleeves are set by hand.
Hand stitched buttons holes and left buttonhole with sewn flower loop on the left lapel.
Hand cut and shaped shoulder pads and canvas.
Slanting breast pocket with hand stitched border.
The armhole lining is hand stitched and eased in.

The front and cuff buttons are sewn by hand with a cross stitch.
Linen is used to reinforce the pockets and gorge.
Cuffs with opening slit and hand stitched buttonholes
Internal waistband with 3 inch inlay  on the back and side seam to allow for adjustments.
The trouser buttons are sewn by hand with a cross stitch.
Band lining sewn in by hand.
Suspender buttons on the inside and belt loops on the outside if desired.


Off The Peg

By: Josef Kleffman

We can also make you a suit just like you would have gotten at Sears and Roebuck . This means the suit is built to a standard sizes that you requested such as a 42 regular. The only thing that we will change is the length of the sleeve and the inseam of the trouser. The buttons holes are done by machine and the suit is topstitched by machine also. The suit would take less time to make as there are no true fittings involved such as done on the bespoke or tailored suit.

The wait for an off the peg suit will be shorter, and the cost will be a bit less.  It also will not fit quite as well as a bespoke suit.  You get what you pay for, so keep that in mind when choosing which route you wish to take.





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