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Measurements - Sleeved Waistcoats, Jackets and Coats:

Photos: Please enclose/attach 3 pictures of yourself in the following views – Front view, side view, ¾ view (twist at your waist to face the side, and please do NOT be wearing baggy clothing. Never feel modest with your tailor!)

Measurements (there are measurement instructions included for some of the measurements below. Please read through this entire document, and all of the instructions before you begin writing down measurements)

It is VERY important to take accurate measurements. If you are unsure of anything please contact us for clarification or to set up a walk through via telephone. We will happily do this. If your measurements are incorrect, the resulting garment will not fit correctly.

Note: for some of the measurements you will need another person to be a "measurement helper" to complete them. Once completed please email the measurements back to us at customvestments@hotmail.com

Customer Name  
Date Desired By  
Garment Type (Circle One)  
  • Coatee
  • Roundabout
  • Tail Coat
  • Sleeved Waistcoat
  • Vest
  • Frock Coat
  • Other: ________________________
Period of Garment (Year)  
Material Description ____________________________________________





________ inches
Chest Across Nipples


________ inches
Between Two (between the chest measurement and Natural waist)
________ inches
Natural Waistline

Put your hands on your hips and bend side to side.  Where your body naturally bends is your natural waist.  This may be higher than you wear your modern pants and this IS normal. Tie a string around your natural waistline. (in the picture above, you can see the tilted string. This is showing the difference between the natural waist (the higher point) and the pants waist) Many of the measurements you will take are taken from a point on your natural waist and this will help ensure consistency.


________ inches

Nape of Neck to Bottom of Arm Pits

(note, this point is further down the measuring tape)

________ inches
Nape of Neck to Natural Waistline


________ inches
Nape of Neck to Bottom of Buttocks
________ inches
Nape of Neck to Between Shoulders


________ inches

Nape of Neck to Hem (where coat is desired to end) ________ inches
Spine to Elbow
________ inches
Elbow to Wrist
________ inches
Shoulder Circumference

Run the tape measure under your armpit and around your shoulder cap with your arm extended (measure your dominant arm).  Now lower your arm (the tape should expand).  You want this expanded measurement.






________ inches

Front Armpit to Elbow ________ inches
Chest Under the Armpits ________ inches
Upper Arm around Biceps Curled
________ inches
Lower Arm Curled
________ inches
Wrist ________ inches
Wrist to Lower Knuckle ________ inches
Hollow in Back

You will need a helper to find this measurement.  Hold the tape measure (or a string) at the nape of your neck in back and let one end fall naturally (needs to be long enough to fall to your buttocks).  Have your helper poke you in the back at the natural waistline in back on your spine.  The hollow is the measurement of the distance from where the pencil touches your back and intersects with the tape measure (or string).  The average measurement is a little over an inch, but yours could be more or less than this.

________ inches

Front Balance

You will need your helper again.  Hold the tape measure at the nape of your neck in back, take it around and over one shoulder (it doesn’t matter which one), and then down to the middle of your natural waist line in front. 

________ inches

Back Balance

You will need your helper for this one too (be sure to thank your helper when all of this is over).  Hold the tape measure between the shoulder blades in back, go up over the shoulder (doesn't matter which one) then under the arm (from that same shoulder) and back around to the middle natural waistline in back (you should start and end on your spine)

________ inches









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