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In the pictures below you will see a few of the buttons that we offer.  One of my favorites is the thread covered DEATH HEAD button.  It is shown along side the covered button of the waistcoat.

Both of  these types of buttons were used widely during the periods covered.  The Death Head buttons went out of fashion around 1850.  Both of these types of buttons were started as cottage industries in England and Europe.  We make each of the buttons by hand and we start with a wooden form.  Then we cover the button with either thread or fabric.   We offer both to finish off your garment.  They are more expensive than pewter buttons, but they sure do look better.

The thread buttons shown on the right are offered on our shirts.  The standard button is a mother of pearl flat button at no additional charge.

  Death Heads $2.50 each
  Covered buttons $0.75 each 
  Pewter Buttons $0.50 each
  Thread Buttons $1.00 each

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