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About Myself

Now for a little information about me:  I have been active in living history since 1980.    I have always been interested in the tailoring methods of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  I have done extensive research to unravel the background of tailoring methods used during these time periods.  I follow these construction methods to produce a garment with a correct look.

Over the years I have been able to compile an extensive library of 18th and19th century clothing books and tailors patterns, which has allowed me to construct period clothing of the different classes of society.  Reference of all my clothing and accouterments are backed with references and photographs, along with descriptions of the article.

Our prices reflect what that item would cost if the customer supplies the material.  If Custom Vestments supplies the material the final will vary, based upon where I obtain the cloth.  If you ask me to buy the cloth, I will call you to get a price range of what you are expecting to spend.  Your final materials cost for cloth will only reflect my cost of paying for the cloth.  (ie. I charge no additional surcharge)  Please note on my kits they can not be returned. I will do everything that I can to help a customer fix a problem but will not take a kit back.  If a customer wants to send back a garment, the cost of shipping will not be refunded.  At the time the order is placed you will be asked when you wish to receive the finished piece or pieces and we will tell you what our lead time is at that point.  Any of our garments that we create for you are guaranteed. If the garment seams ever fail we will fix it for you free of charge, or we will replace the entire garment if it is miscut and/or sewn wrong.

All of the clothing we make is specialized; that is, it is made specifically for one person and no one else.  So before you order, it's best to have in mind what persona you wish to portray, to enhance a custom fit.

Which Styles Do I Want For My Impression

You and I will decide that choice when we meet.  My wish is to build you a garment that you will be overjoyed to wear for your impression.  I will ask you questions about what level in society you will be portraying, noting your height, weight and personal physical characteristics.  You will be measured carefully several times for each garment.  By the time your custom garment is complete, there is very little chance that another will exist exactly like it, for the garment has truly been created for one person.

What We Ask Our Customers On Billing

We ask that after you have made your selection as far as the garment you want, the look you want and the material that you want it made out of, is that you, the customer, put down 25% of the total cost of the garment.  The customer also needs to let me know when he expects the finished garment to arrive at his home.  When the garment is completed I will contact the customer with final payment information which will include the cost of shipping via UPS ground. The completed garment will be shipped once final payment is received and the check has cleared.



   To Contact Me:  customvestments@hotmail.com